Compulsory treatment

Information about compulsory treatment and related resources.

Compulsory treatment allows for the detention of a person for the purpose of treatment. The person may be:

  1. admitted to a residential treatment facility under an order specified in section 152(2) of the Disability Act 2006; or
  2. subject to a supervised treatment order.

An STO is a civil order made by Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) that enables the detention of a person with an intellectual disability who poses a significant risk of serious harm to others.

The detention of the person involves physical locking the person in a premise or constantly supervising or escorting the person to prevent freedom of movement.

The compulsory treatment team supports the functions and responsibilities of the Victorian Senior Practitioner under the Disability Act and broader work with forensic disability stakeholders outlined below:

  • Supervise the implementation of an STO
  • Develop guidelines with respect to compulsory treatment
  • Provide advice, education and information with respect to compulsory treatment to disability providers and registered NDIS providers
  • Provide information with respect to the rights of persons with a disability and NDIS participants who may be subject to the use restrictive practices and compulsory treatment
  • Review treatment plans and develop treatment plan certificates.
  • Represents the Victorian Senior Practitioner at VCAT hearings
  • Work jointly with forensic disability stakeholders to support the development of policy and joint problem solving with the NDIS
  • Provide consultations and advice for people at risk of significant harm to others. For example, for people at risk of being subject to compulsory treatment; people transitioning from prison; and DFATS to the community.  

Resources available: 

Supervised treatment orders for NDIS participants (Guidelines for NDIS providers)

This guide is highly recommended for all NDIS providers who are providing services to a person with an intellectual disability who is subject (or at risk of being subject) to an STO. It provides detailed information about supervised treatment orders, including what an STO is, who can apply and the steps for making an application, applying for a material change and a review of the STO or treatment plan.


The compulsory treatment flowcharts provide information for all processes related to compulsory treatment including making an application for an STO, applying for a material change and revocation of an STO.

Compulsory Treatment – Treatment Plan Practice Guide

This Treatment Plan Toolkit should be used by practitioners developing a treatment plan for a person subject to compulsory treatment (STO or at DFATS). It provided information about what needs to be considered and included in every section of the treatment plan.

Treatment plan guide (Word)

Implementation Report Practice Guide

This practice guide supports people when writing an implementation report for people subject to compulsory treatment and the type of information required in each section.

Implementation report practice guide (Word)

More information

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