Our structure

Our divisions focus on a particular area of responsibility and oversee and coordinate the delivery and funding of services.


There are nine divisions within the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. They are: 

  • Community Operations and Practice Leadership
    • North Division 
    • South Division
    • East Division
    • West Division
  • Children, Families, Communities and Disability
  • Fairer Victoria, Engagement and Coordination
  • Readiness, Response and Emergency Management
  • Corporate and Delivery Services
  • Homes Victoria (Public Non-financial Corporation) and Associate Secretary
  • System Reform and Workforce
  • Aboriginal Self-determination and Outcomes
  • Family Safety Victoria

We have staff in offices across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Homes Victoria
Homes Victoria manages delivery of the Big Housing Build and works across government, industry and the sector to deliver housing growth. It also maintains the existing responsibilities of the Director of Housing, including being the landlord for Victoria’s public housing.
Family Safety Victoria
Family Safety Victoria has been established to coordinate the delivery of response and support services by bringing organisations together to create new and better ways to respond to family violence. We ensure people with lived experience and people with specialist expertise inform and guide the reform.