Social Media

Community standards

Our social media channels are a place for you to participate in positive and constructive conversations. 

Comments are moderated and those that do not meet our community standards and rules of use will be removed. By posting a comment, you agree to abide by our community standards and rules of use which are as follows: 

  • Be polite and treat others with respect.  
  • Do not post comments that include inappropriate language, are abusive to others, or appear to deliberately provoke arguments. Such comments will be removed. 
  • Stay on topic.  
  • Do not dominate the conversation. We reserve the right to remove comments from people who seek to dominate the discussion. 
  • Do not use our channels to advertise. Content that endorses commercial products/services or solicits donations will be removed. 
  • Do not post comments which are defamatory, discriminatory, incite violence, infringe copyright or are otherwise unlawful. 
  • Stick to the facts. Content that is factually wrong or misleading may be moderated. 

The State of Victoria owns the copyright in all material produced for our social media channels. You can find more information about copyright at the Victorian Government website.

To make a complaint about any DFFH programs or services, see the Making a complaint page.

Use of social media by employees of the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing

The Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees guides the use of social media by our employees. It guides all use of social media either when acting as an official representative of the Victorian public sector or private use, as outlined in the official code of conduct.