The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) empowers communities to build a fairer and safer Victoria.

Our department works to create a more inclusive society, one in which people feel safe and can take part equally. We do this every day by supporting people and communities to have equitable access to opportunities, overcome struggles and hardships, and recover from adversity.


Our department oversees the portfolios of housing, child protection, disability, ageing and carers, prevention of family violence, women, veterans, youth, LGBTIQA+ equality. In delivering across these portfolios, we work every day to achieve a fairer, safer and more inclusive Victoria. We support people so they can feel empowered, safe and secure. 

Our approach

We approach our work with the knowledge that collaboration and connection are essential to our success. This means with both the communities we serve and the people within our workforce.

Our department funds agencies, delivers services directly and works with commissions, peak bodies and other community organisations to provide a range of advice and supports. We work across the Victorian Government and with other governments in Australia to give high-quality and informed advice. 

The departmental structure also supports Homes Victoria and Respect Victoria.

We are a complex department, with a wide reach across urban and regional areas. Our complexity is one of our strengths. It allows us to meet the different needs of our communities and gives us the ability to build our supports to meet people where they are.

We’re working hard each day to help Victorians thrive.

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