Victorian Senior Practitioner

Introducing the Victorian Senior Practitioner, information and resources about restrictive practices and compulsory treatment.

About the Victorian Senior Practitioner

Information about the Victorian Senior Practitioner, responsibilities and special powers.

Compulsory treatment

Information about compulsory treatment and related resources.

Information for Authorised Program Officers

A provider proposing to use a restrictive practice must appoint one or more Authorised Program Officers.

Information for Behaviour Support Practitioners

A small number of people with a disability are subject to restrictive practices, which are used to protect the person from causing harm to themselves or others.

Monitoring and authorising restrictive practices

The Victorian Senior Practitioner is responsible for the approval of use of seclusion, mechanical and physical restraint and the authorisation of chemical and environmental restraint.

Practice advice for people who support people who show behaviours of concern

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is both a philosophy and practice that uses a range of individual and multi-systemic interventions designed to effect change in people’s behaviour and ultimately improve quality of life.

Research into restrictive practices and compulsory treatment

In 2006, the Victorian Parliament enacted innovative legislation, the Disability Act 2006, which established the role of the Senior Practitioner.

Restrictive Intervention Data System (RIDS)

An online reporting system designed to help disability service providers.

Victorian Senior Practitioner – e-Learning modules

This series of eLearning modules is designed to provide information about identifying restrictive practices and the authorisation process and requirements in Victoria.

Victorian Senior Practitioner's Directions and Prohibitions

Directions and Prohibitions issued by the Victorian Senior Practitioner.