Research into restrictive practices and compulsory treatment

In 2006, the Victorian Parliament enacted innovative legislation, the Disability Act 2006, which established the role of the Senior Practitioner.

The Disability Act is unique because it also mandates research into the use of restrictive interventions, and the provision of education to services involved in supporting people with a disability.

Every year all the results of research projects are published in the Senior Practitioner Report.

From 2007 to 2018, the Senior Practitioner undertook or commissioned 43 research projects, resulting in 21 peer-reviewed publications and 25 research reports published by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The research projects cover:

  • behaviour support plans and training
  • chemical restraint
  • mechanical restraint
  • seclusion and physical restraint
  • restraint reduction
  • research with people with a disability who are subject to restrictive interventions
  • compulsory treatment. 

A summary of these projects can be found in:

Most of the articles mentioned within this document are available from the Victorian Senior Practitioner on request. 

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