Restrictive Intervention Data System (RIDS)

An online reporting system designed to help disability service providers.

The Restrictive Intervention Data System (RIDS) is an online reporting system that is designed to enable:

  1. Reporting from disability service providers regarding the authorisation of regulated restrictive practices for NDIS participants practices.
  2. In-kind or state-funded disability services reporting the monthly use of regulated restrictive practices on people with a disability in accordance with the Disability Act 2006.
  3. Lodging of treatment plans for people who are on a compulsory treatment order.

You may need access to RIDS if you are:

  • An Authorised Program Officer for a service provider, you will need to submit the BSP via RIDS for Authorisation.
  • A provider that needs to report Restrictive Practices for in-kind or state funded disability services or compulsory treatment.

How to get access

You will require an eBusiness account. See the ebusiness and RIDS access user guide (Word) to create an account.

System help

For help with the system, email the RIDS helpdesk or call the helpdesk on 9096 8427.

More information

For more information, see the Victorian Senior Practitioner.


Phone: (03) 9096 8427
Email: Victorian Senior Practitioner