Monitoring and authorising restrictive practices

The Victorian Senior Practitioner is responsible for the approval of use of seclusion, mechanical and physical restraint and the authorisation of chemical and environmental restraint.

Through the process of authorisation and approval of regulated restrictive practice, the Victorian Senior Practitioner can assist service providers reduce their use of restrictive practices and monitor and evaluate changes over time.

The Restrictive Practice Authorisation team ensures that the proposed use of regulated restrictive practices in Behaviour Support Plans meets the following legislative requirements: 

  • The use of the regulated restrictive practice is necessary to prevent harm to self or others
  • It is the least restrictive practice option under the circumstances
  • There is evidence of planning for the reduction of the regulated restrictive practice.

The Restrictive Practice Authorisation team provides practice advice to the sector and undertakes restrictive practice audits and Behaviour Support Plan Quality Evaluation II audits. 

The Research and Data team is responsible for the management and analysis of research and data into the authorisation of restrictive practices and reporting of restrictive practices by Disability Service Providers via the Restrictive Intervention Data system (RIDS).

The Research and Data team evaluates and monitors the authorisation and approval of restrictive practices and the use of restrictive practices by NDIS Service Providers and develops reports for the services, stakeholders and the department.

This information is used to recommend improvements in practice, assist in facilitating knowledge and training in clinical practice, and informs research that needs to be undertaken. Every year these findings are published in the Victorian Senior Practitioner annual report. For all annual reports, see Victorian Senior Practitioner annual reports.

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