Mapping languages spoken in Victoria

Data maps identifying the top languages spoken in Victoria and the level of English proficiency across genders and age brackets.

Language maps of multicultural Victoria

New data maps are available that summarise English proficiency in language in communities in Victoria.

There is one map for metropolitan Melbourne and one map for Regional Victoria. 

These maps provide data to help us understand not just which languages are spoken across Victoria, but which languages correlate with low English proficiency. Some people may speak a language other than English at home but have a high level of English proficiency. Others may have low English proficiency and need targeted communication and engagement. 

What do the maps include?

The maps use data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census 2021 to: 

  • provide an overview of the top languages spoken at home by location
  • identify the top languages whose speakers self-report as having low English proficiency
  • identify differences in English proficiency between men and women
  • identify differences in English proficiency between age groups.

Metropolitan Melbourne

Regional Victoria