Making Victoria accessible and inclusive.

We  aim to support the rights and reduce the inequalities experienced by people with disability. We are working to make Victoria accessible, inclusive and fair for all Victorians. We do this through our state disability plans, through a range of supports and community services, and through funding to critical advocacy services led by people with disability. The Office for Disability has a particular focus on changing community attitudes and promoting the application of Universal Design principles. 
We work closely with the Victorian Disability Advisory Council to draw on the expertise of lived experience of people with disability. The Council provides advice to the Minister holding the disability portfolio and works to make the voices of people with disability central to Victorian government policies and programs. 

Our portfolio also includes a communications team, who works closely with the policy areas to ensure optimum promotion and communication to the public of critical programs, policies, updates, changes and news that impact people with disability, workers and the broader sector. 

By partnering with stakeholders across the community, the disability portfolio team at the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing strives to foster inclusion, equality and fairness for people living with disability in Victoria. 

Victorian State Disability Plan
The website has information on the Victorian State Disability Plan and the Victorian Disability Advisory Council.
Office for Disability
The Office for Disability is the first of its kind in Australia and leads the Victorian Government's drive for universal change to improve the lives of people with a disability.