Family violence reform and prevention

Taking a leadership role to advocate for a safer Victoria for everyone.

The Office for Prevention of Family Violence and Coordination oversees the Victorian Government’s work to reform the state's family violence system and prevent violence by fostering a culture of equality and respect in Victorian communities.

We are one of several Victorian Government agencies responsible for implementing the 227 recommendations issued by the Royal Commission into Family Violence in 2015.

Family violence reform

Our office is responsible for coordinating the implementation of Ending Family Violence: Victoria’s Plan for Change.

We are 6 years into our 10-year reform and making good progress. Our second Rolling Action Plan is focused on ensuring by 2023 we have a system that is more connected, sustainable and delivering better outcomes for victim survivors.

On 28 January 2023, the Victorian Government announced the implementation of the final recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. This marks our public commitment to implementing all 227 recommendations.

Reports will be released annually to show progress against the measures outlined in the framework, as well as our progress against activities outlined in the second Rolling Action Plan.

Family violence prevention

We work in partnership with Respect Victoria and the family violence prevention sector to implement Free from Violence, our 10-year plan to stop violence before it starts in Victoria.

Family violence and violence against women do not exist in a vacuum, they are one result of a culture of inequality and disrespect that is rooted in insidious behaviours, attitudes and norms across our whole community.

For this reason, primary prevention – action and advocacy to challenge these behaviours before they lead to violence, is a core part of the government’s plan to end violence in Victoria.

We work with community groups and leaders, the family violence sector, local councils and organisations to ensure values of respect and equality are embedded in the places Victorians naturally live, learn, work and play.

We also work with community to ensure prevention programs are relevant to the factors that shape Victorians’ diverse experiences and identities like age, ethnicity, faith, disability, sexuality and geographic location.

Family Safety Victoria
Family Safety Victoria drives key elements of Victoria's family violence strategy and coordinates support for families to help them care for children and young people.
Respect Victoria
Respect Victoria is dedicated to the primary prevention of all forms of family violence and violence against women.