Community participation

Providing programs that encourage community participation.

Meaningful social participation is a foundation for good health and wellbeing. We support community-led programs and activities that encourage Victorians to become involved in their community. This includes men’s sheds, neighbourhood houses, volunteering and social recovery initiatives. 

Men's Shed Program

Men's sheds provide a place for men to get together, work on common projects and contribute to their community.

Neighbourhood House Coordination Program

A neighbourhood house is where people can become involved in community events, find out about other services or activities in the area, join a class or support group or take up an activity for fun and enjoyment.


Volunteering is a great way for people, regardless of their age, cultural background, location or circumstances, to get involved in the community and make a positive contribution.

Social recovery

We support programs that help people to sustain better living standards and improve their wellbeing. This includes supporting local community organisations supplying food to Victorians in need during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Men's Shed Program
Learn more about the program and its benefits, and how to find a men's shed.
Neighbourhood House Coordination Program
Learn more about the program and get neighbourhood house contact details.
Learn about the benefits of volunteering in the community and how you can get involved.