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About our community grant program

Since 2021, the department, through the North Richmond Precinct Project, has provided $4 million to fund more than 40 community-identified projects that aim to make North Richmond a safer, more vibrant and connected community.

Projects to date have included community art, a beginner’s cooking program, celebrations of local cultures, programs that support young people’s dreams and aspirations, and new playgrounds and outdoor gyms at the Richmond Estate.

2023-2024 community grants

As a result of direct feedback from the North Richmond Precinct Community Committee members, the 2023-2024 grants program is made up of two categories, with two streams in each:

Community Strengthening

$1000 - $5000 grants

$5001 - $30,000 grants

Community Infrastructure

Planning grants: up to $30,000

Capital Works grants: $50,000 - $300,000

For more information about grant streams and categories download the community grant guidelines.

Successful projects
2022-23 projects
ProjectProject descriptionApplicant
2023 Women's Enterprise and Community Projects (WECP) Incubate ProgramSmall business mentoring and development program for womenTwo Square Pegs
2100 Media ProductionsRecord label based on the Richmond Estate will mentor 10 young musiciansKon Deng (auspiced by Auspicious Arts Projects)
Arts for Richmond CommunityRichmond Estate arts projectBelgium Ave Neighbourhood House (BANH)
Arts workshops for Aboriginal people who live, work, access services in North RichmondArt workshops for local Aboriginal community members with completed art displayed in a public space.BANH / Blak Pearl
Chinese Opera Training ClassFormation of an opera club for older people to enjoy and learn to perform traditional Chinese operaRichmond Joy Choir (auspiced by BANH)
Community Dance and Connection (CDC)African drumming and dance workshops facilitated by a social worker to discuss mental health and wellbeingAfrican Family Services
Community Haircut and Massage ProjectFree haircuts and massages for disadvantaged North Richmond community membersCommunity Haircut and Massage Projects (auspiced by BANH)
Enriching North Richmond's Residents' Physical and Healthy LifeTraditional Chinese arts and culture activities to engage older members of the Chinese communityYarra Ethnic Arts Exchange Association
Ethiopian and Eritrean cateringLocal community events with traditional homecooked Ethiopian and Eritrean foodH&L Eritrean and Ethiopian Catering (auspiced by BANH)
Feed my MindCooking program for adults with limited / no cooking skills.Cultivating Community
Festival of Women Youth in SportA one-day festival as a vehicke to increase access to community sport, employment and health services for girls and womenWomen in North Richmond Inc
Fostering Leadership and Active Participation through the Fitzroy Lions Soccer ClubSupport for young people to play soccer at a club level; opportunities for young people to participate in the paid junior coaches programFitzroy Lions Soccer Club
Interpretive signage and launch of Aboriginal Gathering SpaceOfficial launch, plus interpretive signage and educational materials to explain the cultural and spiritual significance of the Aboriginal Gathering Space to the wider communityBANH (in partnership with Wurundjeri Council and local Aboriginal Elders)
Healthy Minds TogetherA community-led social enterprise to deliver culturally responsive mental health first aid (MHFA) training for 4 people to become MHFA instructors, with the aim of supporting participants to start culturally responsive MHFA businesses.North Richmond Community Health
Life HacksSkills development for young people preparing for employment, further education, training and independent livingYoung Assets Foundation
Mahjong competition, free community lectureEvents designed to increase connection within the local Chinese communityNorth Richmond Elderly Chinese Friendship Assoc Melbourne
Migrant Strengthening through Intergeneration ConnectionConnecting young South Sudanese people with community elders, using traditional dance as a means of  building and strengthening cross-generational connections and understanding.Apuot Bol (auspiced by Mzuri Dance)
Murals and pigeon deterrentsMurals painted on the Richmond Housing Estate, plus industrial cleaning and installation of pigeon deterrentsBANH in partnership with Robbie Thorpe
North Richmond MarketsProvision of food relief at monthly Twilight Market, implementation of a Friday Caravan MarketBANH
North Richmond on the Grass: a Music and Community FestivalA one-day celebration of Somali, South Sudanese and East African music and cultureVillage Festival of New Performance
Project One Lennox St Spring MarketsTwo markets featuring street food, music, entertainment, workshops and stallsVictoria Street Business Assoc
Referral & Support Workshop ProgramParent-focussed workshops, training and drop-in sessions to build educational and employment capacity and pathwaysCarringbush
Richmond Self Defence & Boxing ProgramHealth and fitness program for young people living on Richmond Housing Estate.NRCH
Roots and Rhythms: Embracing Diversity Through Art and CultureSchool-based African dance and drumming workshops for children with complex vulnerabilities, to celebrate cultureMzuri Dance
Teaching and Learning Traditional Chinese Peking Opera ProjectFortnightly classes traditional Chinese Peking Opera classesMei Lan Fang's Art Chinese Beijing Opera Friendship Association
The Seed Network Film ProductionsMentoring young people to build skills in digital film productionThe Seed Network (auspiced by Youth Development Australia)
Thread Together North Richmond ShopEmployment of a Retail Development Officer responsible for operations and volunteer training at Thread Together charity store based at the Learning BankYarra City Council
Trash to Treasure with @EcopawsitiveSewing project for older women to make and sell clothing and accessories for pets using recycled materialsEcopawsitive
ATM CaféTakeaway coffee window at the Learning Bank's ATM Cafe that will provide barista training and employment for local community membersNorth Richmond Community Health
2021-22 projects
ProjectDescriptionProject leads
Community Referral & Support ServiceAssistance for Richmond Housing estate residents toconnect to local job education and employment services and programsCarringbush Adult Education
Festival of WomenAn inclusive one-day festival celebrating womenSarah Cather
Migrant Strengthening through Engagement & ArtsA dance and community project designed to strengthen connection for African Australian migrant families.Mzuri Dance, Apuot Bol
Women’s Health, Economic & Inclusion ProjectA series of holistic, community-led programs designed to build capacity and resilience, to promote wellness and to empower local women.

Trang Du

Mzuri Dance

Hoa Tran

Thuy Phuong No

Moon Lantern FestivalA three-day arts and cultural event celebrating the diverse community of North Richmond, featuring food, music, performance, dance, visual arts and a sideshow alley.The Village Festival
Lennox MarketsActivating Lennox Street as a charming and vibrant multicultural Sunday market once a month.Victoria Street Business Association
Richmond Homework ClubEducation support for young people living in North RichmondYoung Assets Foundation
Victoria Street Alive!Bringing the community’s ideas to life to revitalise Victoria Street through markets and art events.Victoria Street Alive!
Intergenerational Recreation SpaceA space on the housing estate designed to support younger and older people’s enjoyment of the entire space and to facilitate intergenerational exchange.Alexei Collett / Homes Victoria
Outdoor GymProviding the community with a public and free outdoor gym facility to enhance physical fitness and community amenity of the estate.Ali Warsame / Homes Victoria
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