Disability employment commitments

Diversity and inclusion framework 2022–2027

The framework complements our vision of empowering communities to build a fairer, safer and more inclusive Victoria. 

The Diversity and inclusion framework supports our aim to become a leading employer in diversity and inclusion. 

As we work to create a more inclusive and fair society, we commit to: 

  • employing a workforce that reflects Victoria’s diverse communities to better meet community needs 
  • building workplaces that are culturally safe and inclusive for diverse staff. 

We will be a proactive leader in diversity and inclusion. We will empower people to express their identity and belong. We will remove structural and systemic barriers. This will help ensure everyone can reach their full potential in a safe, fair and respectful workplace. Our vision through this framework is to create an organisation that:  

  • embodies inclusive leadership 
  • celebrates diversity of thought  
  • reflects the diversity of the communities we serve so we can better support them. 

We commit to the goals of the Diversity and inclusion framework. These include a 14 per cent increase in the number of people with disability in our workforce by 2024. We aim for a 17 per cent increase by 2027. We also commit to have a 50 per cent increase of people with disability in our leadership roles by 2024. This will rise to a 100 per cent increase by 2027. 

The department and the Diversity and inclusion framework also align with the Getting to work: VPS disability employment action plan 2018–2025. Getting to work is Victoria’s long-term jobs plan for people with disability in the public sector. 

The Victorian Government has committed to increasing the number of people with disability in the public sector. Getting to work sets a target of 12 per cent representation by 2025. These targets apply to the Victorian public service. They will expand to the broader public sector over time. 

Capacity building and workforce development 

We will continue to improve disability confidence, knowledge and skills across our workforce. We will review and update our learning and career development programs to ensure opportunities and access for diverse staff. We will offer ongoing training and professional development opportunities to staff. This training will improve our staff’s understanding of:  

  • disability 
  • disability inclusion  
  • the DAP’s priorities and actions. 

We will implement a recruitment plan to address inequalities in roles that show a diversity and inclusion imbalance. This includes external representation on diverse recruitment panels.  

The department will ensure leadership and manager development programs:  

  • are accessible to all 
  • reflect diverse people  
  • have processes and resources to address newly identified access barriers quickly and effectively. 

Our priorities under disability employment commitments are as follows: 

Priority Activity or initiative Lead division 
Strategy and business alignment 

What we are doing and continue to do: 

  • Ensure the lived experience of staff with disability is core to policy programs and services. This will improve business practices for the communities we serve. 
Corporate and Delivery Service Division 
Leadership and accountability 

What we are doing and continue to do: 

  • Ensure the department’s leadership profile, governance structures and workforce reflect the diversity of the community. All staff will be accountable for creating an inclusive workplace.  
Corporate and Delivery Service Division 
Employment and careers 

What we are doing and continue to do: 

  • Empower the voices of our diverse workforce and value diversity of thought. Create a workplace where all staff are supported to develop and progress their careers. 
Corporate and Delivery Service Division 
Culture and safety 

What we are doing and continue to do: 

  • Embed culturally safe actions into systems and practices as the norm. We will make sure work environments are accessible and safe. This includes prevention, early intervention and suitable responses to discrimination and inappropriate behaviours. 
Corporate and Delivery Service Division