Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2022-2027

Fairness and equity are at the heart of our work as a department. The framework complements our vision of empowering communities to build a fairer, safer and more inclusive Victoria.
Nothing about you without you

The Diversity and Inclusion Framework supports our aim to become a leading employer in diversity and inclusion.

As we work to create a more inclusive and equitable society, we commit to:

  • employing a workforce that reflects Victoria's diverse communities to better meet community needs
  • building workplaces that are culturally safe and inclusive for diverse staff.

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Our vision for diversity and inclusion

We will:

  • be a proactive leader in diversity and inclusion
  • empower people to express their identity and belong
  • remove structural and systemic barriers so that everyone can reach their full potential in a safe, equitable and respectful workplace
  • create an organisation that embodies inclusive leadership, celebrates diversity of thought, and reflects the diversity of the communities we serve so we can better support them.

The Framework aims to empower the voices of our diverse employees and their networks including the:

  • Aboriginal Staff Network
  • Victorian Public Service (VPS) African-Australian Network
  • VPS Autism Success Network
  • Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) Enablers Network
  • Pride Network
  • VPS Women of Colour Network.

Developing the Framework

To develop the Framework, we:

  • established a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group of representatives from staff networks, executives and other staff from across our department’s divisions
  • considered research and best practice guidance on diversity and inclusion
  • carried out a workplace diversity survey
  • consulted with and gathered feedback from staff
  • co-designed the framework and implementation plan with the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group.

Focus areas and strategies

The Diversity and Inclusion Framework has the same priority focus areas as the Gender Equality Action Plan and includes five strategic objectives.

Focus area 1: strategy and business alignment

Strategic objective

Diverse people’s lived experience is core to policy, programs and services to improve business practices and outcomes for the diverse communities we serve.

Focus area 2: leadership and accountability

Strategic objectives

  1. Our leadership profile, governance structures and workforce reflect the diversity of the community and all employees are accountable for creating an inclusive workplace.
  2. We have transparency, accountability and measurable targets to achieve outcomes.

Focus area 3: employment and careers

Strategic objective

We empower the voices of our diverse workforce, value diversity of thought and create a workplace where all employees are supported to develop and progress their careers.

Focus area 4: culture and safety

Strategic objective

Culturally safe actions are embedded into systems and practices as the norm. Work environments are accessible and safe, with prevention, early intervention and suitable responses to discrimination and inappropriate behaviour.