In conclusion, the department’s Disability action plan 2024–25 is a crucial step in our ongoing commitment to creating a more inclusive and accessible Victoria for people with disability.  

  • The DAP outlines key actions and priorities across all nine departmental divisions. It aims to address barriers and challenges people with disability face. These actions are centred around: 
    • housing 
    • community attitudes 
    • digital inclusion 
    • supporting a high-quality NDIS 
    • children and families 
    • preventing abuse and neglect 
    • voice and leadership 
    • family and sexual violence.  

By focusing on these priority areas, we strive to create lasting change in the lives of people with disability and their families. 

The DAP also highlights the importance of ongoing engagement, monitoring and evaluation. This will ensure the effectiveness of our efforts.  

We will regularly review our progress. We will keep channels of communication open with the disability community. This will better equip us to adapt and respond to emerging needs and challenges. 

Together, we will continue to work towards an inclusive, accessible and equal Victoria. We envision a state where people with disability can fully take part in all aspects of life. People with disability deserve to enjoy the same rights, opportunities and privileges as every other Victorian. 

We remain committed to upholding the rights and dignity of people with disability and fostering an inclusive society for all.