The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing commits to creating an inclusive, accessible and safe Victoria for people with disability. This Disability Action Plan (DAP) outlines how we will empower communities and people with disability. It aligns with the department’s vision, strategic priorities and legal obligations. 

The DAP is designed in keeping with s 38 of the Disability Act 2006, focusing on: 

  • reducing barriers to accessibility 
  • reducing barriers to employment 
  • promoting inclusion 
  • changing community attitudes. 

The DAP also aligns with the DFFH strategic plan, which has five outcome areas: 

  • Aboriginal voice, knowledge and cultural leadership drive Aboriginal policy, legislation and system reform. 
  • Children, young people and families are safe, strong and supported. 
  • Victorian communities are safe, fair, inclusive and resilient. 
  • All Victorians have stable, affordable and appropriate housing. 
  • Our social services system is integrated, effective, person-centred and sustainable. 

In developing this DAP, we also considered the policy landscape including:

  • Victorian law and policies 
  • Commonwealth law and policies
  • alignment with the department’s strategic plan and frameworks. 

The DAP aligns with the state disability plan’s outcomes framework. This ensures it helps create an inclusive and accessible Victoria for people with disability. The DAP follows the four priority pillars of the state disability plan. We have listed commitments and actions under each pillar where the department has lead responsibility.

The DAP also focuses on:

  • disability employment commitments for the department
  • actions to make the department a leading employer in diversity and inclusion.