Our focus areas

We have five areas of focus.
Children, young people and families are safe, strong and supported
All children and young people have a right to grow up safe and supported, whether their families are biological or chosen.
Victorian communities are safe, fair, inclusive and resilient
To make Victoria safer and more equal, all people need to be able to have a say, feel valued and fully take part in society.
All Victorians have stable, affordable and appropriate housing
One of the most important foundations for a healthy life is a stable and safe home. But not everyone has a safe and secure place to live.
Aboriginal voice, knowledge and cultural leadership drive Aboriginal policy, legislation and system reform
Self-determination enables the wellbeing of Aboriginal Victorians. This applies across all aspects of their lives.
Our systems are high performing and responsive, meeting the needs of all Victorians
As a new department, we have an opportunity to build on and learn from our response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and to prepare for future events.