Victorian Government Response to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria – final report

Victorian Government Response to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria.

In August 2019, the Legal and Social Issues Standing Committee of Parliament announced an inquiry into homelessness in Victoria. 

Between August 2019 and September 2020, 18 public hearings were conducted throughout Victoria and over 450 submissions were made to the Inquiry Committee. The Committee released its interim report on 4 August 2020. The Final Report, containing 51 recommendations, was published on 4 March 2021. 

The Victorian Government acknowledges the work of the Committee on this important issue and the important contributions made by the many stakeholders who participated in the Inquiry – particularly those with lived experience of homelessness. 

As the Inquiry found, homelessness can have a devastating and lasting impact on people’s physical and mental health, their connection to family and friends and their ability to participate in their communities. Homelessness also results in significant pressure and costs on other government-funded service systems, such as the health and justice systems. 

The Victorian Government has released its response to the Parliamentary Inquiry’s final report. Of the 51 recommendations, 45 are supported by the Victorian Government; a further four are under review and two are not supported.

Since the Committee tabled its final report, the Victorian Government has funded several initiatives that reform Victoria’s approach to homelessness. The investments progress a long-term strategic approach across five pillars to make homelessness in Victoria rare, brief and non-recurring: 

  • People are supported quickly to access and sustain housing 
  • People are connected to the right mix, sequence and housing support that is proportionate and tailored to their needs
  • All parts of the social service system share responsibility for achieving outcomes
  • First Peoples’ homelessness services are self-determined 
  • The homelessness system has the capability to support the delivery of contemporary programs

The Victorian Government is also partnering with the Commonwealth Government to deliver more social and affordable housing.

The Victorian Government’s investments and reforms across the above pillars address multiple recommendations from the Inquiry.  Victoria has also released an ambitious plan – Victoria’s Housing Statement: The decade ahead 2024 – 2034 – to tackle the root of the Victoria’s housing and homelessness problem: housing supply, with a bold target to build 800,000 homes in Victoria over the next decade.

The Inquiry’s recommendations that are supported by the Victorian Government will continue to guide further reform.

The Victorian Government’s response to the report has been tabled in the Legislative Council of Victoria.   

To read the Victorian Government’s Response, visit the Parliament of Victoria website.