Their Futures Matter - Transforming life outcomes for vulnerable children and families

Improving services to children and families, and reducing entries into statutory care.


In this seminar, Gary Groves, Executive Director of the NSW Stronger Communities Investment Unit, providing the Their Futures Matter reforms, explains how data driven decision making is being used in NSW to improve services to children and families, and reduce entries into statutory care.  

Gary describes how machine learning has been used to model linked data on 2.3 million children in NSW over a 27 year period to identify the combination of risk indicators that explain the pathway of children into care.

Two priority areas in this program of work include vulnerable children under the age of 5 and children/young people with mental health issues.

Data generated using this approach not only identifies clients with high levels of need, it also helps inform where future programs and investments are most needed.

This seminar was a collaboration between the department's Centre for Evaluation and Research Evidence and the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare.

Gary Groves presentation

Their futures matter: Transforming the outcomes for vulnerable children and families – video transcript (Word)


More information

More information about these reforms is available on Their Futures Matter website.