Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community.

Fairness and equity are at the heart of our work as a department. Victoria is home to one of the most diverse societies in the world and a diverse and inclusive workplace ensures that our staff feel respected, safe and that they belong. It also helps to ensure that our work reflects best-practice. The more diverse and inclusive our workplace is, the better we can serve Victorian communities. 

Our internal-facing Diversity and Inclusion Framework complements our vision of empowering communities to build a fairer, safer and more inclusive Victoria. 

Staff-led networks

The department is proud to have a number of staff -led networks, which include;

Aboriginal Staff Network

Open to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to share experiences, support each other and engage in personal and professional development. The Aboriginal Staff Network Annual Conference  takes place yearly, bringing together Aboriginal staff across the Victorian Public Sector to network, exchange learnings, share lived experience and build knowledge. 

African-Australian Network

Open to all Victorian Public Sector employees who are of African heritage/descent as well as those who want to contribute to the objectives of the network, who can become associate members. 

Autism Success Network

A staff led collective to advance equity, equality, accessibility and inclusion for people with Autism in the Victorian Public Service and to contribute to the VPS being a leading disability confident employer. The Autism Success Network is a subgroup of the Enablers Network. 

Enablers Network

An employee-led association for people with lived experience of disability, carers and their allies. 

Our Women in STEM Lean In Circle

Supporting and empowering women in the department working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) fields, or considering moving into a STEM role. 

Our Pride Network

A peer led network, inclusive and welcoming of all LGBTQI+ staff and allies. 

Women of Colour

A staff-led collective run by and representing women of colour across the Victorian Public Service. 

Wirrigirri Reconciliation Programme

The Wirrigirri Reconciliation Programme is an action of the Aboriginal Employment Strategy and is a unique initiative offered to staff keen to promote reconciliation, inclusion and cultural safety across the department.