New trans and gender diverse campaign launched

‘The Unsaid Says A Lot’ encourages a better understanding for what it’s like for a trans person experiencing discrimination, even if nothing is said.
26 June 2024

Co-designed by members of Victoria’s trans and gender diverse communities, the campaign aims to educate and inform all Victorians about trans and gender diverse inclusion and LGBTIQA+ allyship. 

Trans and gender diverse communities continue to experience high levels of discrimination, stigma and unequal treatment despite an increasing acceptance of LGBTIQA+ people and their visibility in the media and popular culture. This discrimination increases the likelihood of trans and gender diverse people experiencing adverse health issues such as emotional distress, depression and anxiety.  

‘The Unsaid Says A Lot’ is supported by leaders from trans and gender diverse communities, as well as representatives from peak organisations including Transcend, Transgender Victoria, Zoe Belle Gender Collective and Inclusive Rainbow Voices. 

This campaign is a priority action under the Pride in our future: Victoria’s LGBTIQA+ strategy 2022-2032. The aim is that these efforts will lead to greater acceptance and reduce discrimination towards Victoria’s trans and gender diverse communities.

For more information and resources about how to be an ally for trans and gender diverse people, visit