Meet the Victorian Disability Advisory Council

Watch the video series and hear more from our Victorian Disability Advisory Council members on the important work they do.
1 May 2023

The Victorian Government has released a video series celebrating the diversity of the new Victorian Disability Advisory Council and the important role it plays in making Victoria more inclusive and accessible.

The Victorian Disability Advisory Council provides independent policy and strategic advice to the Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers, to increase the inclusion and participation of people with disability in the Victorian community.

“Disability is a key part of our life just like queerness, age, cultural background and people will have different ways of expressing who they are,” said Mija Gwyn, Deputy Chair, VDAC.

“Auslan is part of my identity.”

The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring that government boards and committees reflect the diversity of the Victorian community.

Council terms run for three years, and applications are strongly encouraged from Aboriginal people, women, people from LGBTIQ+ communities, young people, people from culturally diverse communities and regional Victorians.

“It’s great that the membership of VDAC is so diverse because that leads to rounded feedback from multiple perspectives across age, ethnicity, sexuality and impairment type,” said Martin Heng, VDAC member.

This video series also highlights that disability pride means different things to different people and the valuable insights the Council provide to the Victorian government.

“Pride is celebrating what disability brings to the world. It is an absolute privilege to be on VDAC and advocate for the rights of people with disability,” said Laura Petanuzzo, VDAC member.

To watch the video series and hear more from our VDAC members on the important work they do, visit the Victorian Disability Advisory Council webpage.