Grants to support youth-led events open

The Victorian Government has announced $220,000 to support up to 110 youth-led events, designed for and by young Victorians
21 February 2023

Young people in Victoria bring fresh ideas, skills and perspectives that strengthen our state.

It's important that their contributions and achievements are celebrated, which is why we are dedicating the month of September to providing opportunities for and championing all young Victorians aged 12-25.

Minister for Youth Natalie Suleyman announced $220,000 to support up to 110 youth-led events, designed for and by young Victorians.

Grants of $2,000 are available for youth sector organisations, local government and schools to develop events in partnership with Victorians aged 12 to 25.

YouthFest will support young Victorians to work collaboratively with councils, community organisations and schools to plan and deliver a range of activities. It is an important opportunity for young people to express their ideas, showcase their talents and achievements and have their diverse voices heard within their community. 

We are proud to have supported over 100 youth-led events across the state last year. These events ranged from LGBTIQ+ film festivals, arts and craft workshops, debate competitions, sports festivals and career forums.

Funding for Youth Fest, which kicks off in September, will support young people to organise and deliver events and showcase their skills, encourage them to share ideas, build social connections with their peers and community, and expand their networks.

Applications are open until 10 March. To apply and to find out more about the grant program, visit the Youth Central webpage.