First ever ‘Pop-up Food Relief Market’ grant recipients announced

The Victorian Government is delivering free and low-cost food to people in need.
17 October 2022

Across Melbourne, 29 grants totalling $1.24 million have been provided to community organisations to host a series of pop-up food relief markets.

Every Victorian should be able to access healthy and culturally appropriate food. With the rising cost of living there is increasing pressure on people living on the minimum wage. This means accessing a choice of good food can be a challenge for many Victorians.

These pop-up food relief markets will help provide healthy and culturally appropriate food to Victorians through farmer’s market style stalls. 
Congratulations to the successful grant recipients.

Through initiatives like the Pop-up Food Relief Market grants, the Victorian Government is working to make sure every person who needs food relief can access fresh and culturally appropriate food.

More information

To view the ‘Pop-up Food Relief Market’ grant recipients and for more information, visit the Pop-up Food Relief Market grants website.