DFFH launches Disability Action Plan

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing has launched its first disability action plan (DAP).
26 February 2024

The Department has launched its first disability action plan (DAP). The Disability Action Plan 2024–2025 outlines the department’s approach to building a fairer, safer and more inclusive Victoria.

The plan sets out actions and priorities to:

  • advance disability inclusion and
  • address the barriers people with disability face in accessing goods, services, facilities and work.

The DAP applies to all areas of the department’s work, including services we fund and our internal policies and practices.

It focuses on:

  • reducing barriers to accessibility
  • reducing barriers to employment
  • changing community attitudes
  • co-design with people with disability

The plan also sets out our disability employment commitments and actions to:

  • increase job opportunities for people with disability in the department
  • provide an accessible work environment for people with disability.

The DAP complements actions from Inclusive Victoria: state disability plan 2022-2026 and draws on the Diversity and Inclusion Framework (2022-2027). Together these provide a strong focus on fostering inclusive and accessible ways of working.  

The DAP was developed through extensive engagement with key stakeholders across the department. It is also based on our actions in the state disability plan which were shaped by the experiences of people with disability and expert advice gathered through consultation. The department will update the plan at key points during implementation to ensure it remains relevant and current. 

It is now available at Disability action plan 2024–25.