Multicultural Affairs

Fostering an inclusive, engaged and harmonious multicultural Victoria.

Multicultural Affairs supports the Victorian Government to promote its multicultural vision and priorities. We work to foster an inclusive, engaged and harmonious multicultural community in Victoria.

Our multicultural communities make significant social, cultural and economic contributions to the success of Victoria every day. Their service to the Victorian community comes through active participation in social life and community engagement, cultural exchanges in the forms of arts, music and food, and economic contributions by means of innovation and business creation. 

The success of Victoria’s multicultural society has not occurred by accident. It is the outcome of the Victorian Government’s ongoing commitment to champion the state’s diversity through underpinned legislative and policy frameworks.

We work with the Minister for Multicultural Affairs and support the work of the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) to realise the government’s vision for culturally and linguistically diverse Victorians. 

Victorian Multicultural Commission
People from all over the world have made Victoria their home. The Commission brings Victorians together to celebrate and preserve our diverse cultures, and to promote inclusion and belonging.
Supporting Victoria's multicultural communities
Find out about the work of Multicultural Affairs to create an inclusive, engaged and harmonious multicultural community in Victoria.